Nanka “Shorai” Development Program sponsored by Nanka Development Committee

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This is the building block of Nanka Judo’s future. This is a series of group practices sponsored by Nanka Yudanshakai designed to develop elite-level judokas who are determined to compete in Nationals, Internationals, and beyond. The young judokas need your financial support so if you would be kind enough to donate so that money is not an obstacle, please donate by clicking below. We are a non-profit organization and this donation will be tax deductible. Thank you.

What does “Shorai” mean?

This is a series of group practices sponsored by Nanka Judo Yudanshakai. Each host dojo from around the Southern California area will teach their skills to advance the participant to the next competitive level and beyond. All sessions will focus on training and advanced techniques to transition to the next level of development. Each session will be approximately 3 hours in length. What does Shorai mean? Shorai means “Future”. This is the building block for Nanka’s future. 

Who Can Attend?

  • Any current Nanka member (primary or secondary USJF member)
  • USA Judo and USJA members may participate, but will not be eligible for incentives.
  • At least 10 years old and green belt
  • Knows judo etiquette, ukemis (break falls), and basic judo terminology.
  • All other participants are subject to coach’s approval

How much is each practice?

  • $10 per  Shorai Practice (USJF/Nanka Members)
  • $15 For non USJF/Nanka member
  • Prices may vary. Please verify before attending.
  • Must have current USJF, USA Judo, or USJA membership card

Benefits of participation

  •  The Shorai program is a focused effort of the Nanka Judo Yudanshakai to improve the skills of all its members.
  • Opportunity to learn skills from Other Head Instructors/Dojo’s
  • BUDGET PERMITTING, all Judokas participating in 70% or more practices per session (Fall/Spring) are eligible for rewards at the end of the session. All funds collected  (registration fees) are used for rewards and/or funding other Development activities.
  • Tournaments eligible for stipend:

    Fall – Stipends for placing in USA Judo Youth Nationals
    Spring – Stipends for placing in USA Judo Jr. Olympics and/or Jr. U.S. Open.  (Other rewards MAY be offered)

  • SPECIAL Performance
    BUDGET PERMITTING, all Judokas CADET and above who qualify for Pan Am teams or above, may receive a special performance stipend on behalf of Nanka Development. Qualified Judokas must be  members of USJF Nanka Yudanshakai a minimum of 6 months prior to any listed major tournament.  Judokas must be active in Nanka Development Program activities and  give back to Nanka in the form of volunteering in some way or another.  Stipend amounts may vary depending on tournament location and available budget.  Final decisions are made at the sole discretion of the Nanka Development Chairperson.
    CADET Pan Am and/or World
    JUNIOR Pan Am and/or World
    SENIOR Pan Am, World, Universiade, and/or Olympics

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