Results – Nanka Spring Tournament – April 15, 2018

From the Tournament Director:

First, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of our volunteers today at the NANKA Spring Tournament. There are far too many of you to name, but I was honestly overwhelmed at how many gave their time so generously and did it with a smile.

Today’s tournament was an amazing success, I believe the largest event NANKA has held in maybe 6 or 7 years, and none of it would have been possible without the tireless support of the people who make NANKA what it is.

Coming from the Midwest, and then San Jose State, I cannot help but be amazed at the cross-section of different people who all come together under the flag of Judo in Southern California. It is like nothing I have ever seen. There is much that the world around us can learn from the great people who are NANKA.

To our referees, you were challenged with an incredibly long day and you rose to the occasion. Event after event you volunteer of yourselves to give back to others and all too often you only hear the negative. I want you to know that despite my often “sunny” disposition, your heart and love for your friends in Judo does not escape me. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you. And, more than all, to Maria Maciel… You are amazing. And there is no way this event works without you. You are a Queen among all others and I am humbly in your debt.Thank you all…. Sincerely.

*Results: Female Pool Sheets

*Results: Male Pool Sheets