Code of Conduct: Spectators


This Code applies to spectators who enter the tournament venue, for local and regional nonpoint tournaments that are sanctioned by USJA, USJF, or USA Judo (herein called local tournaments). It shall be clearly displayed in view of all entrances to the tournament venue, as a large sign, poster or banner.

Spectator Code of Conduct:

By entering this venue, I agree to conform to the following code of conduct. I understand that if I violate this code, that I may forfeit my right to attend this tournament as a spectator, and may be ejected from the venue, depending on the severity of the violation(s).  

  • I will treat referees, tournament officials, other coaches, players, parents and spectators with respect and courtesy (Minor Violation).
  • I will not vocally criticize, berate or argue with the referees, judges, jury Chief Referee, Tournament Director or other tournament officials (Minor Violation).
  • I will not use foul or obscene language or gestures, ethnic or racial slurs under any circumstances within the tournament venue (Major Violation).
  • I will not attempt to physically or verbally intimidate or assault any referee, tournament official, coach, player, parent or spectator (Major Violation).
  • I will abide by the final decision of the tournament director concerning violation(s) of this code and resulting disciplinary action(s) imposed at this tournament.


Disciplinary Action for Code of Conduct Violations:

Major Violations:  

  • Ejection from the tournament venue. Depending on the severity of the violation, potential suspension from attending future tournaments, to a permanent ban from all local and regional tournaments, based on subsequent Nanka board hearing(s) and vote(s).

Minor Violations:

  • Verbal warning from the Tournament Director, Chief Referee, Referee, Judges, jury or other tournament official. Repeated violations may result in ejection from the venue.