Hello Everyone!!  First of all, THANK YOU NANKA JUDOKAS for submitting your applications for NANKA’s first Hatashita/Fujimats Judoka Sponsorship!  It’s so great and reassuring to know that we have SO MANY “super-qualified” judokas right here in Southern California!  The decision was much more difficult than anticipated, as competition results AND contribution back to NANKA were considered.  We still have 1 more guaranteed sponsorship year (2018), so PLEASE apply again next year if you are still eligible. 

Without further delay, the Nanka Development – Sponsorship Committee would like to announce the winners of Nanka’s 1st Hatashita/Fujimats Judoka Sponsorship:

FEMALE:  Marisol Torro – Sawtelle Judo Club and MALE:  Eric Katrdzhyan – Valley Judo Institute.  Congratulations Marisol and Eric!! 

Jason Uno, Nanka Development (Posted May 7, 2017)