Los Angeles has won the right to host the World Police & Fire Games, a sports competition held every other year that draws roughly 10,000 participants from more than 70 countries. The 10-day Olympics-style competition, which will see representatives from world police and fire agencies compete in 60 events at more than 30 venues around Southern California, will convene Aug. 7. Athletes will do battle in basketball, baseball, football, soccer, dodgeball, golf, karate, JUDO, paintball, racquetball, ping-pong, badminton and many track and field events. They will also box, swim, shoot trap, fire pistols, surf, race dragon boats and ride off-road motorcycles — the specialty of Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.

For Judo Results: http://wpfg2017.fusesport.com/competitions.asp?compID=80153&id=215

Highlights of the 2017 WP&FG Judo Championship

Video by Hal Sharp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ilo5wmF0KIM&feature=youtu.be

155 male & female players from 29 countries. Includes slow motion views of techniques.

Hal Sharp at age 90 produced another masterpiece!

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