What a tremendous training camp this past Memorial Day Weekend! The Nanka Development Program would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting this epic event. With more than 100 judokas on the mat, Nanka history was made!

What an awesome job by Sensei Tokuzo Takahashi, Sensei Shinjiro Sasaki, and Sensei Shintaro Nakano! It was a rare opportunity and a privilege to have 3 members of the same Japanese National Team conducting a training camp at the same time! Not only were the instructional sessions second-to-none, but the participants were able to get a taste of how high-level judo-focused physical training is done in Japan. As tough as this camp was, we even had an added bonus- NO major injuries!
Now, some essential “THANK YOUs”:

  • Thank you Head Instructors Takahashi Sensei, Sasaki Sensei, and Nakano Sensei for taking the time from your busy schedules to conduct this wonderful training camp!
  • Thanks to all the participants! Not only did we have judokas from all over California, but also Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Florida, and Rhode Island! Almost 40 different dojos!
  • Thanks to Sensei Jim Uyekawa, Sensei Masao Fukuma and Norwalk Judo Dojo for hosting the camp!
  • Thanks to all the visiting instructors for being on the mat and supporting the participants! Special thanks to former Olympian Sayaka (Matsumoto) Torra and Rio Olympic Referee Gary Takemoto for helping out!

Last, but certainly not least, A BIG THANK YOU to our behind-the-scenes volunteer crew from all over NANKA:

  • Valley Judo: Eddie (Camp Coordinator), Kristina, and Alek Khchirian, Eric Katrdzhyan
  • Taishi: Jihyon, Rob, Torie, Bryce, and Chase Oishi, David (Camp Asst. Coordinator), Randi, and Bryan Davis, Ai Resnick
  • Barstow: Dave and Kathy Roy, Jessica Ramirez
  • Industry Sherrif’s: Maria Maciel, Arthur, and Tony Alvarado
  • Norwalk: Sergio, Ariana, and Juliana Lemus, Jocelynn Blas, Katie and Candice Gomez, Sujanya Narayanan, Ronel Pulmano, Mike, Trevor, and Tanner Sonoda, Kay Sugahara, June, Weston, Conor Uyekawa, and Desmond Wong
  • South Bay: Manami Sangdee-Takeuchi, Rie Fukuoka, and Ryutaro Kasuga
  • Harbor: Junko Tsukiyama
  • Food/Water Donations: Harry and Telman Yegiazaryan (Hayastan), Bill Wright (Barstow), The Sakudas (San Gabriel), The Oishi’s (Taishi), Fresno Judo Club, Josh Resnick (Taishi), Maria Maciel (Ind. Sheriff’s), The Hattendorfs (Mayo Quanchi), Chad and Elaine Smart (Ind. Sheriff’s), Rie Fukuoka (South Bay), Manami Takeuchi (South Bay), Maria Maciel (Ind. Sheriff’s), June Uyekawa (Norwalk), Harue Ueyama (Tenri), Randi Davis (Taishi), Lori Torro (Sawtelle), The Oishis (Taishi)
  • THANK YOU Gardena Dojo for letting us use your mats!!

So many people contributed to the overwhelming success of this training camp. Once again, THANKS EVERYONE!! Plans have already started for another camp in 2018!


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