2012 Nanka Judo Installation and Awards Luncheon

Saturday, March 3, 2012 – Long Beach Grand, Long Beach CA

Outstanding Judo Award for 2011: Presented by Nanka Judo Yudanshakai (Southern California Black Belt Association)

  • Barstow Judo Club – Ariyanna Avalos
    Ariyanna has been in judo for just 10 months and has competed in a total of 10 judo tournaments and won 9 medals. She maintains a cheerful attitude whether she wins or loses a match. This cheerful disposition is an inspiration to all who know her.
  • Bunasawa Kai Judo – Daniel Lee
    Daniel is Bunasawakai’s first National Referee passed in January 2012. He has been in judo for almost 20 years and is the best contributor for the Bunasawa-Kai in 2011.
  • Empire Judo Club – Mitchell Takata
    Mitchell Takata is an inspirational athlete with exceptional qualities and abilities. His natural talent and hard work in the dojo is revealed by his many victories around the country in both judo and jujitsu. Mitchell has displayed growth, leadership, commitment, and respect on and off the mat. Empire Judo is proud to honor this young warrior as our Outstanding Judoka.
  • Gardena Judo Club – Cary Oba
    Cary started judo at a very young age so he has many years of experience under his ikkyu brown belt. He has won many local, national, and international medals. He has competed as part of the Nanka Junior team traveling to the Junior Nationals. Cary not only has a terrific competition record but he also exemplifies exceptional sportsmanship and has outstanding character. He is very well rounded and a versatile member in our Judo Community. You can find him patiently teaching and helping the younger judokas refine their judo skills at our club. At local tournaments you will see him refereeing the early matches in the morning and changing into his judo gi to compete that afternoon. Cary is a certified regional referee and always is willing to help within our club and at Nanka events. At his young age, his willingness to help extends beyond judo.
    He is a member of the break-dance group the “Wreckin’ Crew”. As an avid break dancer, he helps in teaching a break dance class at the JCI Community Center and fundraiser for community events by putting on awesome performances and break dance battles. If that doesn’t’ keep him busy enough he also participates in North Torrance High School’s Volleyball Team.
    Cary has been awarded many of our club’s distinguished awards and it is an honor for the Gardena Judo Club to present the Nanka’s Outstanding Judoka Award to Cary Oba.
  • Goltz Judo Club – Harold “Hal” Sharp
    Bio emailed to Richie via Gary Goltz
  • Los Angeles Tenri Dojo – Keigo Morishita
    Morishita Sensei has been in judo almost 80 years. He has received recognition for competing for thirty of those years in the Kodokan Masters Shiai, where his record stands at 24 wins, 5 losses, and 2 draws. He has won an award 6 times for “Outstanding, excellent effort”
  • Mojica Judo Club – Jordan Robles
    Jordan is what judo is all about; respectful, honorable and helpful with other judokas. Jordan is eight years old and has been a part of our Mojica team for two years now. When Jordan first started judo he was very shy and withdrawn from the class. With both his parents’ persistence in keeping him in the sport of judo, and his Sensei’s working with him, he has evolved into one of our most inspiring judokas we have ever met. Jordan may never become an elite judoka, but he will always take the gold in our dojo!!
  • Nishi Judo Club – Michael Skokan
    Mike has been showing a great interest and ability in judo for being in it for just 2 years. As the Department Chair at Chino High School, Mike also teaches 11th grade US History and World Civilization. He has also shown an interest in coaching and refereeing and hope he continues here at Nishi Judo Club. Happily, his most exciting event is finding out that he and his wife Delores are about to be new parents. Congratulations Mike!!
  • Norwalk Judo Dojo – Darwin Juan
    Darwin is the recipient of the Outstanding Judo Award for Norwalk Judo for his commitment to the art of Judo. Darwin’s enthusiasm and desire to continually improve is well recognized through his physical and mental toughness on the mat. Although this is just a small part of the teaching of Judo, Darwin has also learned both humbleness and the respectfulness that accompanies a judo practitioner. Darwin is an excellent role model for the younger judokas due to these inherent traits.
    He has been practicing Judo for over two years, and currently holds the rank of Sankyu brown belt. He is attending Cal State Long Beach as a junior and is majoring in Economics. Darwin is able to hold a 3.3 grade point average, while balancing a busy schedule of academics and judo. We are proud to select Darwin Juan for this prestigious award and congratulates him for his hard work on and off the mat.
  • Orange Country Judo Training Center – Glen Waipa
    The Orange County Judo Training Center is honored to nominate Mr. Glen Waipa for Nanka’s Outstanding Judoka of the Year. Glen joined the OCJTC in 2007 as the “kid’s judo instructor”. Glen began practicing judo I n 1971 at the El Toro Judo Club at the El Toro Marine Base. He was an active competitor until he began his career in law enforcement in 1979. He continued his judo practice in the law enforcement community. Glen was a Defensive Tactics Instructor and obtained his Master Instructor Certification for non-lethal use of force from the Department of Justice. Glen retired from the Orange Police Department in 2007 and became a member of OCJTC.
  • San Fernando Valley Judo Club – Mike Toren
    Mike is an outstanding player throughout the year, and has been an inspiration for many younger students to excel in judo practices as well as in tournaments. We are very lucky to have Mike as a member of San Fernando Valley Judo Club.
  • Sawtelle Judo Club – Yuri Tateda
    Yuri Tateda is Sawtelle Judo Dojo’s Outstanding Judoka for 2011. Along with many local and regional trophies, Yuri, at the prestigious 23rd Annual Keiko Fukuda International Judo Kata Championships, won the silver medal in the Nage no Kata; this was her first attempt at this event.
    Yuri is a role model for all the junior students at Sawtelle. She rarely misses practices and has become a fixture at the Nanka Shori practices. Along with the judo accomplishments, her scholastic achievements continue to be outstanding as she maintains straight A average. We are very lucky and honored to have Yuri as our student.
  • Kenji Osugi, Head instructor, Sawtelle Judo Dojo
  • South Bay Judo – Shane Shiosaki
    Shane Shiosaki started judo just before his 5th birthday. Shane is now a senior at North High School, Torrance California. I can remember, fondly, when I asked his dad , my brother, to come join SouthBay Judo with his 2 sons, Shane, Skyler and his daughter, Megan.. Now close to 10 plus years later, Shane is an Ikkyu and teaches the beginning students. He is very patient and really works well with kids. All the kids listen and learn and more importantly, enjoy working with him. He is also an active competitor and over the last two years has made steady improvement. .Most recently, at the 2012 San Jose Buddhist Sensei Memorial Tournament, Shane placed 1st.
    Besides judo, Shane has a passion for music and he plays the flute, violin and keyboard and is always looking to expand his artistic horizons. He has played in the North High School Orchestra for 3 years. Shane hopes to continue his music studies into college and beyond.
    At South Bay Judo, we are fortunate to have Shane as a competitor, junior instructor and mentor and as such, Shane is SouthBay Judo’s Outstanding Judoka.
  • Taishi Judo Club – Kyle Taketa
    Kyle is a well respected member of Taishi Judo Club and is honored at this time for his numerous accomplishments throughout the years. He is an admirable model athlete to our younger students and over the years has grown to earn the respect of your peers, friends, family and competitors. We have been your cheerleaders and cannot wait to see everything that your future has to offer. We would like to take this day to say thank you for representing us so well. Thank you for being the role model that you are and for sharing your experiences that you give back to our sport through your coaching, teaching and refereeing. The Taishi Family fully supports your dreams, and moreover, we appreciate you for the judoka that you have become.
  • Valley Judo Institute – Aram Tarkhanyan
    Aram is one of our most dedicated and mature junior competitors. He consistently places in National and International competitions. Besides his competition record, he has a great attitude and regularly helps instruct our younger students. He is quickly developing into a junior leader. We are very proud to name Aram as our recipient of this year’s Outstanding Judo Award.
  • Venice Judo Club – Chase Nakayama
    Chase is a dedicated and committed judoka who is always willing to help the younger students. He loves judo; his is hard working, tenacious, and never complains. He competes in as many local tournaments as he can and his goal is to become one of the elite judoka in the country. In addition to judo, Chase is a straight “A” student, and volunteers his time with Forte Animal Rescue. He is also the running back on his school’s football team.
  • West Covina – Timothy Hu
    Timothy is a well rounded judoka at the age of 13 years old. He has been practicing for over 3 years, and in recent months, has placed first and second in most of his tournaments. Tim has a bright future in judo and we are expecting a lot more in the next year. Congratulations Tim.


  • Newest Nanka Life Member #28 (02-03-2011): Dave Loyst from Bunasawa-Kai Judo Club2011 “Pioneers of Judo” Award – Nanka Judo Yudanshakai (Southern California Black Belt Association)
    ” CONGRATULATIONS ” Nanka judo yudanshakai is proud to present you with this special award. You have exemplified the spirit and teaching and message of judo as it was intended by the founders. Thank you for your dedication and efforts in preserving the judo tradition. Keigo Morishita (LA Tenri Judo Dojo)BIO:
    Nov 14, 1922 – Keigo Morishita was born in Kumano City of Mie Prefecture.
    Apr 1, 1933 – He begun Judo at Hamada Junior High School in Shimane prefecture (Age 11)
    Jan 8, 1950 – He was recognized as 3 dan in Kobe City of Hyogo Prefecture. (The records for the dates that he received 1 and 2 dan were lost during World War Two.). Age 27
    Feb 16, 1958 – He gets married, ( Father to 9 children ). Age 35
    Mar 21, 1958 – He moved to USA and started teaching Judo at Gardena Judo Club. Age 35
    Aug 15, 1962 – Los Angeles Tenri Judo Dojo was opened by Tenri Judo Association. He started teaching Judo there. Age 39
    Apr 28, 1966 – He was recognized as 4 dan in Tenri city of Nara.43
    Aug 6, 1978 – He was recognized as 5 dan from Nanka. Age 55
    Apr 28, 1979 – He competed in his first Kodokan Masters Shiai. Age 56
    Apr 19, 1989 – He was recognized as 6 dan from Nanka. Age 66
    Jun 1, 1992 – He established the Oregon Tenri Judo Dojo. ( no longer active ). Age 69
    Nov 2, 1997 – He established the New York Tenri Judo Dojo. Age 74
    Oct 19, 1999 – He was recognized as 7 dan from Nanka. Age 76
    Apr 28, 2011 – He received recognition for competing for thirty years in the Kodokan Masters Shiai. He record stands at 24 wins, 5 losses and 2 draws and he won an award 6 times for excellent effort. Age 88
    Sep 30, 2012 – Los Angeles Tenri Judo Dojo 50 year anniversary tournament will be held. Age 89
  • 2011 “Pioneers of Judo” Award – Presented by Nanka Judo Yudanshakai (Southern California Black Belt Association)
    ” CONGRATULATIONS ” Nanka judo yudanshakai is proud to present you with this special award. You have exemplified the spirit and teaching and message of judo as it was intended by the founders. Thank you for your dedication and efforts in preserving the judo tradition. Sumikichi Nozaki (Compton Judo Club / Torrance Judo Club)
    2011 Referee of the Year: Nanka Judo Yudanshakai (Southern California Judo Black Belt Association)
    Referee of the Year 2011 – DAN TAKATA
    BIO: Dan Tomio Takata, was born in the summer of 1958 on the 15th of June. I grew up in Los Angeles, East Los Angeles. Growing up in this neighborhood gave me a great deal of experiences; I look on back fondly, now. Los Angeles Nishi Hompa Hongwanji Judo Club is it’s original name, but Nishi Judo Club or Nishi is how we’re referred to now, started in 1964 on Atlantic Blvd. in East L.A. In 1988, when the church established a kaikan (gym), my dad was asked to move to Downtown L.A. and we’ve been there ever since. In 1977, I got my Shodan. In 1987, I got my National license and it wasn’t until 2002 when I became a PJC candidate in Puerto Rico. 4 years later I became a candidate for my B license, tested and passed in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center (OTC). Lastly, in 2010, I got to test in Miami, Fla. At the first U.S. Word Cup Championships to test for my A License and passed. To date, I’ve gotten to be Nanka’s Referee Chairman, the last 4 years and currently serving on the Referee Committee with Alain Wilkinson.

INCOMING Nanka Officers: Sept 1, 2011 – Aug 31, 2013

  • President – Ed Shiosaki
  • 1st VP Tournament Director – Milton Shiosaki
  • 2nd VP Public Relations – Ray Marivani
  • 3rd VP-Registration: Joan Shiosaki
  • 4th VP Ways and Means – Richie Endow
  • 5th VP Kata – Brian Marks
  • 6th VP Referee – Alain Wilkinson
  • 7th VP Development – Rob Oishi
  • Executive Secretary: Barlow Bernardo
  • Treasurer(s): Mark Williams and Yuki Fujita
  • USJF Board of Directors: Ed Shiosaki, Hayward Nishioka
  • USJF Board of Examiners: Nori Bunasawa and Hal Sharp
  • Auditor(s): Ray Marivani and Low Dong
  • Nanka Junior Promotion Board – Aki Yokoyama (Chair), Barlow Bernardo (Secretary)
  • Nanka Senior Promotion Board – Nori Bunasawa (Chair / Hal Sharp (Assist Chair), Keith Chu (Secretary)

OUTGOING Nanka Officers: Sept 1, 2009- Aug 31, 2011

  • President – Ed Shiosaki
  • 1st VP Tournament Director – Tyrone Taketa
  • 2nd VP Public Relations – Nanka Office
  • 3rd VP-Registration: Joan Shiosaki
  • 4th VP Ways and Means – Kenji Osugi (2009-2011) / Richie Endow (2010-2011)
  • 5th VP Kata – Einhard Schmidt
  • 6th VP Referee – Dan Takata
  • 7th VP Development – Rob Oishi
  • Executive Secretary: Barlow Bernardo
  • Treasurer(s): Yuki Fujita and Darryl Miyaguchi
  • USJF Board of Directors: Ed Shiosaki, Hayward Nishioka and Kengi Osugi
  • USJF Board of Examiners: Hal Sharp and Nori Bunasawa
  • Auditor(s): Ray Marivani (2009-2011) and Low Dong (2009-2010)
  • Nanka Junior Promotion Board – Aki Yokoyama (Chair)
  • Nanka Senior Promotion Board – Hal Sharp (Chair 2009-2010) / Nori Bunasawa (Chair 2010-2011),
  • Low Dong (Secretary 2009-2010, Keith Chu 2010-2011)