Nanka & PF Installation & Awards Banquet

October 26, 2002 – Paradise Restaurant, Gardena CA

Hosted by Nanka Yudanshakai

This year’s banquet was held at Paradise Restaurant in Gardena, California. The food was GOOD,  the attendance was GREAT and best of all the awards given to our judo kids was the BEST!

David Honda was SouthBay Judo’s Outstanding Judoka for 2001-2002.
David was chosen from all the deserving students we have for his dedication to judo.  David really loves judo.  He always comes to practice and stays for as many sessions as he can.  At his young age of 8 years old, David takes on responsibilities and a leadership role whenever we ask him.   Without hesitation David lead the class in warm-ups or is willing to demonstrate his favorite technique.  He takes the younger and even the older kids under his wing.

See below a sample of the pictures from the banquet as the SouthBay Gang showed up in force to help celebrate David’s award.

Nanka Yudanshakai Executive Cabinet for 2002-2003

  • Ed Shiosaki – President
  • Jack Wada – 1st VP (Tournament Director)
  • Nori Bunasawa – 2nd VP (Public Relations)
  • Joan Shiosaki – 3rd VP (Registration)
  • Butch Ishisaka – 4th VP (Ways & Means)
  • Frank Morales – 5th VP (Referee)
  • Brian Marks – 6th VP (Kata)
  • AnnMaria Rousey – 7th VP (Development)
  • Ed Osugi & Hal Sharp (Treasurers)
  • Tom Akiyama & George Teer (Auditors)
  • Chris Fukuma – Executive Secretary
  • Ed Shiosaki, Frank Morales & Hayward Nishioka (Nanka Representatives to the USJF Board of Directors)
  • Hal Sharp & Shag Okada (Nanka Representatives to the USJF Board of Examiners)
  • Aki Yokoyama – Jr Promotion Board
  • Hal Sharp – Sr Promoton Board